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King Philip is a middle school located in WeHa the rich part of Connecticut. If you are white and think you are thug you will fit in perfectly;however, it is better to be black and thug because you will be praised by the white kids. King Philip is also home to fuck boys who think they are cool for getting shitty grades and doing stupid shit.
by Reid808 January 25, 2018
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A middle school in West Hartford, Connecticut. The home of aspiring fuckboys, legging-wearing, Starbucks-wielding basics, & a black market gum trade. 11 year old girls dress like 21 year old strippers and 11 year old scrawny white boys think they're thugs. You'll find the occasional theatre gay, goth, or another non-basic asshole, and I'm sure most people are nice at heart, but it's not like you'll see many genuine people. Protect your bra straps, fidget spinners, and off-color memes, folks. It's broken up into 9 different teams, and honestly? They all suck, no matter what your classmates may tell you. Most of these poor souls end up going to hall high school, a slight upgrade. Most people call it "KP" or "KPMS."
Student A: "What school do you go to?"
Student B: "I go to King Philip Middle School."
Student A: "Hope you have fun dodging 'jocks' who don't even play sports and pre-teen girls who show off curves they don't have in the hallways."
by StupidStardust January 25, 2019
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