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1-Pedophilia with extra steps.
2-People who claim to be children trapped in an adult bodies and are attracted to little kids.
"Kids if a man says he is kinder-gendered, stay away from him/her."

"I knew a guy who claimed to be kindergendered, he is in jail now."
by UnhinjedTaboo December 01, 2018
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Kindergender is someone who feels "trapped" in an adult body, but is still a kid on the inside, and therefore is attracted to other kids.

it's an excuse for pedophila
“hey, you know Brad? He told me he was kindergender
“no way, dude! he's a pedophile?”
“yeah, it's disgusting!”
by -sleepyboy February 14, 2018
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A "gender" where the adult party feels as if they are a kid trapped in an adults body. The adult party feels attraction to children as well...
"Hey man, I would like to come out to you as kindergender, I am a kid trapped and I want to love other kids"
"Isn't that PEDOPHILIA?"
"No, it's kindergender..."
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by WeirdEmpoleon February 22, 2017
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