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A phonetically contracted word derived from " I kind of sort of", "I kind of said that" & "I've kind of seen it", used by people who have worked in so many European and American businesses that they have lost their original accent and patterns of speech, slurring into a strange mix of British, American and MTV speak. It may be used as a catchphrase by users in the same way as "know what I mean" or "innit".

People who use the word cannot hear it and are often unaware they have contracted four or five words into one - which frequently leads to confusion on behalf of the other parties in the conversation.
Hey I kindasiddick we needed to sort those contracts out, but they're dragging their heels at the LA end.

I didn't see The Hangover at the cinema, but I kindasiddick got it off BitTorrent

I met this guy today who has developed some amazing new social networking apps for MySpace, he's kindasiddick, like, such a cool dude.
by Killdozer July 23, 2009
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