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A tyrannic despot who believe he is god over the i-wrestling world. If anyone stand up to him, or critizises him in any way, he will hunt down and brutally slay this person. He got his power by stealing from others, and gathering a cult of mindless drones who believe every word he utters. He is the founder of iTNA and current owner of the first french i-fed.
You dare think I am not the greatest thing that has ever happened to this world? Curse you, heathen, I, the great Kimori, shall destroy you and get rid of the evidence.
by ColbertNational March 08, 2010
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Kimori is the highest achievement possible. If you are a Kimori, you are respected in the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake in Québec.
This guy is a great Kimori. He wont ever back down.
by Muhawk March 09, 2010
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Kimori is the most baddest female to ever exist. She blasian ONLY. A real one. When Kimori walks in a room she immediately lights up. She will keep it real with you at all times and never fold. Kimori the type of woman that will succeed in life and will keep achieving everything she has coming towards her way. Piss or be fake with Kimori will result in getting told off by her or maybe slapped. It's rare to find a real one. If you got a blasian girl name Kimori, keep her.
1. Where is Kimori I miss her.

2. Person 1: Dude do you see that blasian girl?

Person 2: Yeah she's a total Kimori. She bad AF
by RealKnowsReal July 27, 2019
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