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Kimika is a name of japanese origin, spelt as such きみか and pronounced as (key-me-ka). It's really a beautiful name for a beautiful person.

Kimika's also make pretty DAYUM fine friends. They are loyal and loving. They openly show their affection most of the time, but sometimes they are quick to conceal it.

Kimika's are also very beautiful, they have long dark hair, and beautiful brown eyes. Sometimes Kimika's are a bit self conscious, and dishonest to themselves about their abhorrent good looks.

I myself love Kimika's as they are so good to talk to, they are truthful and appropriately wise at times. But then they can do a 180 and go loco in a hilariously juvenile way. Which would also make Kimika's fun.
If you are named Kimika, you are pretty darn lucky!
Person 1: "Dayum that girl be fiiiiine, and her personality, dayum! I would let her bake me a cake!"

Person 2: "Yeah, well, that's Kimika for ya!"

一人: "きみちゃんかっこくてうつくしい人ですね!"

二人: "そうですね!"
by Pseudonym92 June 14, 2014
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