Interviewer: So you girls are close?
Cheryl Cole: Yeah we have such a wonderful friendship, I'll go down on Kimberley cos we are just such good mates!
Kimberley Walsh: Yeah me and Cheryl are such besties, sometimes I use my vibrator on her, just cos we are such good pals.
by Furious__Styles December 11, 2009
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Singer in British girl group Girls Aloud. Suspected lesbian, but this is entirely due to teenage boys' fantasies, and totally unfounded. Discovered on a talent show.
Which of Girls Aloud is your favorite?

Kimberley Walsh!!
by iheartumuch December 16, 2007
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sexy as fuck singer from girls aloud. blow job lips and DEFINITELY a burger fanny
Kimberley walsh is sexy and has a burger fanny. FACT
by Lee DeRooster May 31, 2007
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