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Small co-ed prep school in New Hampshire with a rigorous academic program, accessible, caring teachers and fantastic arts and athletic programs. Sure, it's not Deerfield or Middlesex, Choate or even Exeter, but it's a quality education in a much smaller, much less competitive environment where snobbiness and bitchiness doesn't rule the day. KUA is a place where you can feel like you are part of a family, NOT a place where hazing is cool and sexual harrassment by the asshole hockey team is regarded as the shit. If you want to attend a school where you can "keep it real", be challenged and find yourself, KUA is for you.
"hey, you seem like a pretty well rounded dude with a good moral compass and good head on your shoulders, who's not into the intense pressure to keep up academically and socially at some dick of a preppie prep school!" "Yeah, I go to Kimball Union Academy, and it's all good!"

"That Canadian guy who had such harsh words for KUA must have been rejected or was expelled-what a loser!!!"
by H'er December 30, 2007
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Shit....Hole... very noice place where David Hahn used to live.

Written by Emilio Maneul Perez Cole
Syn. Hell
How did you end up in Kimball Union Academy?

Oh... I got kicked out from Andover.
by Kangaroo Rider September 19, 2016
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