The act of killing zombies via internet game or gaming system game. Zombies often killed using swords, guns, bows and arrows, and random objects that may not cause pain to a human, but causes much pain and/or death to these fictional zombies. Killing zombies often takes much time and requires you to have an empty blatter, a comfy chair, a can of soda, and a bag of chips. Killing zombies via internet is most addicting because you barely move your hands or your eyes and requires hardly any movements. Killing zombies is very fun if you don't die. Often when players "die", or more clearly their CHARACTERS die, they will say, "Aw, man, dude I DIED!". It is a common term used when people are killed by the zombies they are trying to kill.
Guy 1: Ah, dude! I'm so tired!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 3: Dude, he was killing zombies online all day! You should have been there!
Guy 1: Yeah, I was killing them zombies. It's SOOO addicting! I can't help but feed my addiction of killing zombies.
Guy 2: Hmm, I don't think I've ever spent time killing zombies.
Guy 3: Man, it's fun!
by Game Wizard May 15, 2009
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Term used to describe the act of smoking a joint/blunt, even after it's down to the roach. It's a desperate act to smoke as much of the THC possible. Must ask permission from the original roller or from the person who threw down.
Permission to Zombie Kill the joint, sir?

Permission granted, go for it.
by monkFromTemple November 29, 2010
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