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You usually address him as your weird friend, you always question his sexuality & his acts. He seems like a nice guy at first, but then when you get to know him you start to understand how messed up he is. He enjoys starting relationships with girls that he has no intention of staying with & then starts bragging about how he can not get rid of them. He's typically a cheapskate & is loved dearly by both of his parents.
He doesn't know how to spend his money well & has 0 taste in fashion, but we always come to the realization of how much we love him & his blonde hair :)
PS: he showers once a month.
Bassaleh to a friend: I have a dear friend named Killawi who is moody all the time, I think he's bipolar..

Friend: You must encourage him to pay Dr. Subhi a visit!
by DoYouAgree? August 23, 2017
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