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Kill The DJ

An amazing song by epic punk band Green Day.
There is currently a bit of controversy about the song, because of the lyrics and the title. But the song is not about killing DJs in generald.
DJs shouldn't be offended. If people were to take action about this song, the whole world may as well start another war all because people are getting offended.
Me: Have you heard the song Kill The DJ?

Boy: No - is it really called Kill The DJ? Maybe I won't listen to it! I'm a DJ after all!

Me: It's not actually about killing a DJ...

Boy: Why is it called Kill The DJ then?

Me: Because the song is, as Billie Joe says, about getting drunk and the radicalness of being drunk.

Boy: Oh. OK, I'll go check it out.

Me: You'll love it ;)
by StuntPunk September 24, 2012
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