Often used by groups of girls as a way to praise someone's actions. Either that or they literally mean they will kill you.
"Ooh, sharkquisha! Kill em!"

"Let's kill em."
by Mardezrealgirl January 13, 2014
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a phrase used often in oldham social circles, particularly at hotel woodhouse, many plots to 'kill em' are generally thought up when everyone is on pills.
'lets go and kill em'

'kill em'

'em em em em em'
by boothyboothyboothyyy July 11, 2008
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Meaning: when 2 people are jokin and one person punches sting harder than the other.You can imagine the word by picturing somebodi punchin somebodipunch-linesand killin them.
boy1-bitch yo mama so stupid she took a spoon to the superbowl
boy2-and yo mama so stupid she does the electric slide talkin bout she tryna keep the lights on
classmates:killed em'
by Micheal Jordan of slang March 21, 2007
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An exclamation. (Made famous by a Vine video in which Terrio shows off his dance moves.) can be used in almost any situation that requires an exclamation.
"Hey Josh grandma just made cookies!"
Josh: "Oh kill Em!"

(Your team just made a big play)
"Look at him go, Touchdown! Oh Kill Em!"
by Noahconstrictor January 23, 2014
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Despite the words used, the phrase "OOH KILL EM'" is used as an expression of excitement, accomplishment, amazement etc. The phrase became famous from a Vine video that depicts a young black boy named "Terio" who is dancing and the guy filming him precedes to say, "OOH...OOH! OOH KILL EM'! OOH KILL EM'!" The expression is also featured in an instrumental titled "OOH KILL EM'" produced by Rcm2 where the phrase is the drop of the song and is repeated multiple times in the chorus. A very good heavy trap style beat is you ask me.
1. Terio: *starts dancing*

Guy Filming: OOH...OOH! OOH KILL EM'!

2. Tony: Yo B! Watch me do this back flip!

Brandon: Pssh! Son you can't do no back flip!

Tony: *Does a back flip*

Brandon: OOH KILL EM'!

3. Jason: Ha-HA! Juss copped the new lebron 11's boy! OOH KILL EM'!
by KLRxINSTNCT August 18, 2013
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Kill 'em All is Metallica's debut album. It came out in 1983 and it's tracklist is (in the following order) Hit the Lights, The Four Horsemen, Motorbreath, Jump in the Fire, (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth, Whiplash, Phantom Lord, No Remorse, Seek and Destroy, and Metal Militia. It also includes the covered songs, Am I Evil (originally done by Diamondhead) and Blitzkrieg (originally done by Blitzkrieg).
Kids who claim to be Metallica fans but think the Black Album is their debut album are ignorant because Kill 'em All is their first album.
by 62Orion86 July 9, 2005
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when you diss someone so hard that they die
girl:"ive been called worse."
guy: "like what?"
girl: "your girlfriend"
Guys friend: "oooo kill em
by pseudonymous apple November 10, 2013
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