She is a whole universe of her own.

She can draw (usually in black and red)
She can compose beatiful music.

She can and does think on her own without the usual influence of society's baseless train of thought. (This alone makes her special)

She is sweet and easy to please. She understands that the esential is invisible to the eyes. She is mostly shy and hard to find. Yup! She is like a super rare treasure in a sense..

She is very smart and hard to trick.

She hides many things in her heart. But eventually it becomes clear to understand even without a word when you get to know her better.

Kigane's papa is Mean Little in Alchemia Story.
She also got many older sisters and many other friends in her own playground.
Meanie tried a silly joke! Kigane is not amused...
by Mean Little April 30, 2021
It's a reference to kigane. Possessive pronoun. It means "it belongs to Kigane".
Kigane's playground is a both a digital place and a log cabin in my mind with many rooms on the mountains next to a lake sorrounded by a forest and a meadow on the back.
by Mean Little May 25, 2021
someone on a forum/on IRC who cannot help but constantly post links, and if they're not posting links they're asking questions, if they're not asking questions they're posting confused smileys.
"O_o :o :|"
"god you're such a kigan sometimes"
by jayseven February 7, 2004