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Kierras are often hilarious and dirty minded! She can tend to cover up things she doesn't want people to know about. Kierra can be friendly and will go out of her way to help. Kierra can get emotional but just might not show it. If you meet a kierra, stay with a girl like her, she'll take you on a ride!
Kierra is beautiful
by Taylor5467 December 19, 2016
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A girl who is pretty but doesn't think she is. She is outgoing and fun to be around! Doesn't care what people think and will give you any advice.. Very beautiful.. She is quiet at first but will get loud when you get to know her. A very depending and loyal friend. Not a back stabber, speaks her mind.. Gets loves truck easily
1st Person: That girl is quite wonderful..

2nd Person: Her names Kierra
by Averysmartperson September 03, 2016
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An amazing amazing person who can always talk and lacks self confidence even though she is the best person in the world
by Mk718 October 15, 2015
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Kierra is a beautiful, silly, and hard to understand. She is a beautiful person and she knows it just when she gets one little pimple or some thing wrong she just freaks out and needs love and care to make her feel better. When ever where just sitting around and nothing is happening Kierra just does something funny and we laugh. She always makes us laugh. You can never say Kierra doesn't care about something, or she is lazy because she works her butt off all the time to do whatever she can for what she wants. Sometimes she is hard to understand and of course hard to get. If you want to be with Kierra, it's going to be hard. She is pretty and hard to get. Smokin' hot. That's the definition of Kierra.
Boy 1:oh my godness that girl is beautiful

Boy 2:I know I wanna make her mine
Boy 1 : No she's mine!
Kierra: Both of you Can't have me but we can be friends!
Boy 1 and Boy 2: Yes!!!!!
by Kiaire September 03, 2017
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A cool and pretty girl, a good friend, who is always understanding. She speaks her mind and doesn't backstab, always being honest. One of the best friends you can get. Funny and beautiful, and sought after by all the guys.
Guy 1: wow, that girl is so funny and down to earth.
Guy 2: her name is Kierra.
Guy 1: oh, that explains it.
by Piage July 07, 2009
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An amazing, beautiful, intelligent, sweet, angel of a girl. She makes you smile like a fool, no matter how upsetting your day may have been. Her smile is so bright and her laugh is unbelievably adorable. When you make her laugh, or blush, or smile in anyway you feel like the most accomplished human being on earth. It doesn't matter how young or dumb you think you are, 'cuz when you're with Kierra you're sure about everything.
Kierra, you really REALLY gotta be mine one of these days.
by AllergicToStupidity May 19, 2018
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the sexiest chick on da face of da earth
did you see kierra in da magazine? she was doin it
by kierra May 01, 2005
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