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The Kienuwas are a well known indiginous tribe form North Africa, that is made up of only males. In past years, they have modernized and migrated to the Americas and Asia. Kienuwas are known to mostly mate with men, they will rarely mate with women. This is why the Kienuwas population has decreased so much. They are unable to reproduce by only mating with males, therefore, it is estimated that the Kienuwas will be extinct by the year 2050. In the rare occurance that a child is born from a Kienuwa that is a female, the Kienuwa will leave the child with his mate never to see the child again. If the child is a male, the Kienuwa will leave its mate, and the child will grow up with the Kienuwa. Many Kienuwas only mate with males because of their religion which forbids most Kienuwas from mating with women. Only the Kienuwa priests are allowed to mate with women.
A few Kienuwas just moved in next door.

Watch out, their is a Kienuwa village over there.
by Delldude June 01, 2009
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