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Adjective - In a relationship, describes an individual male who is especially whipped by the female in ever way possibly imaginable past, present, and future. The male is gradually warped psychologically by becoming a zombie slave to the controlling female, he can no longer see his friends or utilize any form of technological communication... for the female fears he may talk to another being of equal or greater importance to her. The male then becomes an unrelenting jackass across society due to the constant need to cater to the female's every whim. The individual's former friends then start to despise him and eventually abandon him, as he becomes only a shred of his former self and truly becomes her slave by his act of willingly placing his nuts in her trophy case...
Female in relationship= "The ink in this pen you gave me isn't dark enough, I SAID CHARCOAL BLACK NOT JUST BLACK! YOU BETTER FIX THIS OR I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU HAVE ANY SKITTLES TODAY...."

Male in relationship: "Oh! I'm sorry baby! I'll go down to the store now and buy some more, sorry I didn't think about it, i was really trying to make you happy this time"

Friends watching relationship: "God that guy is so Kienitz!!!"
by Call It how it is Shun... April 25, 2010
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