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Kids Ranqe was a famous Runescape pker from the very old Wilderness. The account was made in October 2005. He made his first PK video in January 2007. Later he maxed out with 1 defence and made his 4th PK video. Everything went well until his 10th pk video , that's when he got hacked for the first time in May. He was pretty sure that he was going to quit and even made a video about it but people pmed him saying they would give donations if he didn't. So people gave him loads of stuff and he basically got his bank back. He got hacked again at PK video 13 and that's when the hacker got him to 32 defence, luckily he had a bank pin now. He got 45 defence and made his 14th pk video. After it got hacked for the 10th time a guy he knew for 8 years told the hacker his bank pin. So that pretty much was the end for kids ranqe and he made his 15th video. Kids Ranqe PK video 6 had the most views from all the video's with over a million. Back to the hacker. Only later he found out that the one who hacked Kids Ranqe was the person who actually bought Sv3rige from him. After a while the hacker released the information and that's when everyone started to recover Kids Ranqe. That’s why it’s locked. Kids Ranqe started playing on his new account Soz Owned and still plays on it with his own clan SuperNatural which can be found at You can download all of the Kids Ranqe video's there but you can also watch them here in HD:
Kids Ranqe Ultimate Hybrid PK Video 8
by AnonymousHD July 08, 2011
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