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A contraction of 'kid' and 'ignore', denoting a city parent, who, despite warning signs in a rural garden centre or pet shop, goes by their own unwritten rule that "we're in the country now - the rules don't apply here", yet becomes insensed when their offspring scream loudly after having been bitten by a rat/ferret/bird/mouse etc, because a) the parent failed to observe their evil progeny, and b) the parent failed to observe the warning signs telling them that birds and animals bite, that children are frequently stupid, and that most children ignore warning signs, just like their parents.
As the child yelped, the rat recoiled and blood spurted from the youngster's finger. The young boy's parent was a kidnorer, who immmediately threatened legal action, even though the warning signs on the cage had been apparently unseen by both he and his offspring.
by John of the Antipodes July 07, 2011
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