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A dating game in Habbo, that relies complety on opinions, its quite simple, there are 2 rows of chairs, one row for the boys, and one for the girls, most of the time its 5 chairs on each side, the host of the game will say "girls to boys", meaning all the girtls will get in a line behind the ugliest boy, if the host says "boys to girls" all the boys will line behind the ugliest girl. the host of the game will kick people out of the room if chosen ugly, and when to tell them girls to boys, boys to girls, etc. In the end there will either be 1 boy left or 1 girl left, the host then will say, "Boy to hottest girl" or "Girl to hottest boy" When the most attractive boy or girl is chosen, they go Habbo Dating or get room rights from the host.
Casual Kick The Ugly in Habbo:

Host: G2B
3 Girls: *lining up behind norm*
Host: *kicks norm* B2G
2 Boys: *Line up behind baconhead with bra and short skirt*
Host: *kicks baconhead* G2B
2 Girls: *Line up behind HC boy leaving 1 boy left*
Host: Boy to hottest Girl
by Motherfucker Rudy July 04, 2010
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