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Kichelle’s are really sweet and funny and down to earth people. They really like to make you days even if there’s isn’t. They always make you feel good. They are really pretty breathtaking at that Kichelle’s are really good people so when you find one hold on to them for good
Person 1: Hey who’s that pretty girl over there
Person 2: oh that’s Kichelle
Person 1: I need to talk to her she seems chill
by Cheesecake 84848484848 June 14, 2018
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someone who is an unoriginal bitch and is pretty basic. she may seem cool at first but, don't let her fool you. she's actually a hypocrite. she talks shit about everyone but, when she finds out someone hates her, she may just break down into tears. she WILL turn her back on you so be aware of kichelle's.
person one: that kichelle girl seems really cool, i wanna be her friend!
person two: lmao no u don't.
by fujif1lm May 29, 2017
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