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Stunning? An understatement. This individual is never selfish. They care about the needs of others , in most cases even before themselves. they give and give and give and expect nothing else in return. When they love they love hard. they're very respectful people. If you have a Kianta as a friend, you will never want to lose him/her. They are go getters. They are always smiling. A Kianta is very loving, intelligent, strong willed, stubborn, understanding and sweet. They're personalities are strong because they don't just accept anything.
Kianta is a very understanding friend.
by LovelyLaLa January 04, 2014
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A kianta is pathetic, low-life, piece of shit. They usually have fat or gay friends because he/she is ugly and they have to fit in. Their weave is made by cutting dollar Barbie's hair off and sewing it together. Their career focuses on fast food or eating ass.
Oh she's just a kianta!

A kianta can't sit with us, sorry.
by Yiula June 11, 2017
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