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Khiyenne Can be quite shy until she is comfortable with someone, then she will be very outgoing. She normally keeps herself to herself, and she doesn't like talking about personal things. But when she gets close to someone she will open up to them and hope that they will understand. Cheyenne's are good looking and are not normally very girly. She doesn't like being the center on attention and prefers to help others rather than herself. Anyone around her feels automatically better because she can be such a happy person, although a lot may go on that no one knows about. They like listening to music and reading and are intelligent and creative. She picks carefully who she is friends with, the people she accepts are important to her and they feel the same way.

Khiyenne may make mistakes but she will try her best to make them right afterwards and make sure that they are never accidentally done again. She may get paranoid that her friends don't like her and they have to reassure her that they don't, although it doesn't annoy them because they understand. she will look out for her freinds she is very close to and family. Khiyenne is a very amazing person don't let her go.
That girl is such a Khiyenne.
by lae person January 25, 2018
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a young and smart girl who is creative and sometimes anti social and loves animals and the color purple
khiyenne is nice
by iss.k May 03, 2018
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