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She’s a nice, quirky person. She is creative. She is PERFECT. She is very insecure inside. She is a best friend willing to listen and comfort you. Kharylle’s have a great mind and an amazing singing voice. Kharylle’s are talented and selfless. They are willing to do anything to help someone. Next time you don’t do your homework, go to a Kharylle and ask her for help.
Girl: she’s so selfless

Girl 2: perfect
Girl: who is she?
Girl 2: maybe Kharylle
by The awkward bookworm February 17, 2018
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A name given to a Filipino decent, usually a girl’s name. Most people with the name Kharylle are mad ass people, doesnt care what people think, and are bad😈 and gets hated on by alot of people because they are just jealous of her.
Girl: “damn i wish i was Kharylle she is bad
by Rcla2k17 August 06, 2017
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