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A free online learning platform that magically instills you with concepts and knowledge in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your own room as opposed to a matter of semesters in a stinky classroom. Often chastised by teachers and professors for an alleged lack of interaction when in fact their actual contempt arises from Khan Academy's remarkable ability to underscore their incompetency.
Argh, I don't understand my calculus homework and I'm failing the class, argh.

*visits Khan Academy, watches 3 minute tutorial on indefinite integration*

*now an expert on indefinite integration, now has A+ in the class*
by btp August 30, 2012
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A website/youtube channel that helps people learn/understand all kinds of things, ranging from math to history. Unfortunately the videos (I'm talking specifically about the math videos) tend to be long winded and the narrator takes 10 minutes to explain the simplest of concepts, really he comes across as some asshole who loves hearing his own voice
I have a final exam tomorrow, and I'm trying to watch a khan academy video to help me review but he just keeps yapping and won't get to the fucking point already
by BigOTownDawg May 27, 2018
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