A free online learning platform that magically instills you with concepts and knowledge in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your own room as opposed to a matter of semesters in a stinky classroom. Often chastised by teachers and professors for an alleged lack of interaction when in fact their actual contempt arises from Khan Academy's remarkable ability to underscore their incompetency.
Argh, I don't understand my calculus homework and I'm failing the class, argh.

*visits Khan Academy, watches 3 minute tutorial on indefinite integration*

*now an expert on indefinite integration, now has A+ in the class*
by btp August 30, 2012
A website/youtube channel that helps people learn/understand all kinds of things, ranging from math to history. Unfortunately the videos (I'm talking specifically about the math videos) tend to be long winded and the narrator takes 10 minutes to explain the simplest of concepts, really he comes across as some asshole who loves hearing his own voice
I have a final exam tomorrow, and I'm trying to watch a khan academy video to help me review but he just keeps yapping and won't get to the fucking point already
by BigOTownDawg April 17, 2018
Khan Academy a kinda useful website where all the explanation videos were created by the same person, who takes wayyyy to long to explain shit. You have to get all the questions right in a row or else you get no credit for all the work u did. It’s also the website my dumbass teacher uses to assign all my Alg2 hw.
Fuck I just got my last khan Academy question wrong, guess I gotta get 10 questions RIGHT in a row again.
by Its_wvy_bby April 28, 2019
Dunno what everyone else here is on about. Khan Academy is a cool dude who makes useful math videos and probably does a better job at explaining stuff than your boring high school math teacher. Otherwise, why would you be watching him?

It's actually quite ironic if you think about it, a few years ago people are praising him as a better alternative to your crappy math teacher, now people are shitting on the dude that provides FREE math tutorials. Sure, he might take longer to explain things, but the fact that he takes his time, as well as having an optimistic tone of voice, means that he genuinely cares about you and the subject. Beats having some teacher who reads directly from the text with his unenthusiastic monotone voice.

P.S. To the person who's complaining about color switching, uhh seriously?? He does this to make it more easier to read, it's called color coding, duh.
People in 2014: Woooo thanks Khan Academy, you made me pass my AP calculus test!

People in 2020: Ughhh I hate Khan Academy, he makes math so tedious!

Me: lol
by UwUltimateDoge November 10, 2020
Guy 1: Did you do that Khan Academy assignment??
Guy 2: Yeah, it was hell.
by J skillet April 24, 2020
Khan Academy is a very dumb but learning sites for children. One thing Middle Schoolers hate about Khan Academy is that dudes voice. That thing is so fricking annoying!
Teacher- Now Khan Academy is for homework.

Student- OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I hate that mans stupid voice!
by detentiongal April 2, 2019
A website for people to attempt to learn things like math. The math videos however, take 10 minutes extra to explain, are very long winded, and have a bunch of excessive information. The narrator constantly changes the color of his writing for absolutely no reason and likes to repeat words.
Friend: hey. Can u hang out?
Me: no, I have to do khan academy 🙄
by Emokid💔🖤🥀 April 3, 2020