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A sex game inspired by Superman's famous punching technique where he punches and launches the victim to stun them for another punch in the skies. The game is to chase the participant's hole using a penis or fingers and string together a thrusting combo as you chase the victim. The victim may turn the tables via
Nate: Hey wanna play "Khalel"?
John: Sure! How do you play?
Nate: Get naked and run.
by Dr.mayday June 24, 2019
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A good ol hecko boi, Him very good at bein heck. He like to give heck but not receive heck

He is the essence of heck and good ol boi

Him just gud.
" Look at that Khalel over there, he lok like a real heck"
by Khalel232 June 04, 2018
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This name is more often pronounced as Khalil than Khalel, Khalel is just a cool name, named after Superman kinda??? Not really tho, spelled differently, but yea he’s a cool guy, he causes no problems, if he is most likely a light skin with curly hair and glasses, but he’s still a cool guy
Dang is that guy over there a Khalil?

Nah man, you can tell it’s a Khalel, cuz he’s a cool guy
by Sahhhh dooddd June 29, 2019
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