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The name khaldoon comes from arabic origins and it means immortal, khaldoon is an unforgettable guy, very caring and loving but doesn't know how to show emotions, he is always there for his family and friends. He is willing to sacrifice for people he cares about, has a baby face but a mind of an old man, has a nice but as well, thinks a lot before he speaks, before any action he does as well. Truly a wonder, always knows how to make your day, he can make you smile at any time, in any situation, if you're feeling down call khaldoon. If he loves you he'll give you all his time and all the love and care you need. He's very playful and funny, he can be so mean and evil if you get on his bad side, never piss a khaldoon off, always give him the attention he needs since he can get very dramatic, if you have a khaldoon you're lucky.
Girl 1: who's your boyfriend?
Girl 2: khaldoon

Girl 1: wanna share?
by Tinkebell May 19, 2017
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