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Someone of grace and class. Beautiful and kind. A kindred spirit. Sometimes shy and quiet, but once sought out will be true gem found.
I met this girl the other day, she seemed different and unusual. Not like most females, she had a unique charm about her, not something you come across everyday, and something most people don't have. Though she didn't talk much when I approached her, her aura felt gentle, sweet and innocent but ethereal and worldly at the same time . I've never met a girl like her before. Her name was Keyanna...
by E-ratic Bandit September 19, 2015
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Sexy fine ladie usally a hit with men has a fat pussy but not a slut keyanna usally goes for juans and has a big booty
Keyanna Is hot and sexy
by kobie32 December 11, 2010
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Sweet and extremely lovable, always will be there for you. One of the most forgiving people you will ever meet. Most people think shes hot but some push her away and think the worst about her. She waits for awhile to talk to one guy that shes been keeping her eye on.
Guy 1: Hey I'm thinking of going out with Keyanna.
Guy 2: You can try, but don't use her and try to keep her she is probably the best girl you can find.
by ThicBoiSupreme December 09, 2018
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