Kevin Arts is a future ERW Hall of famer, currently signed to ERW. Probably the best person on the ERW Roster, Kevin has defeated people like Noah Austin, to Montez Ford and MANY others. Kevin Arts is currently the Orbital Champion for ERW, a former World ERW Champ and a 1x UK Champ, Kevin won the UK title on his debut match in October. Kevin was one of the biggest bets to win the Royal Rumble, but Kevin wasn't even in the match! Kevin Arts will go down in history as one of the best ERW Performers.
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 20, 2021
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Kevin would debut in MEWA and defeat Seth Rollins. This debut match would also begin the MEWA "Lime Arts" meme. He would form the Nexus with Jake Osprey and begin a feud with Quinn Danger but fail to win the MEWA WHC. He would win the MEWA X-Division title and would enter into the MEWA WHC Tournament. He would win the WHC and defend it. He would also beat the living fuck out of Kenny Kingston, turning the fans on him intensely.
Kevin Arts (MEWA) and Jake Opsrey are killing Kenny Kingston!
by bobedobypassing August 7, 2021
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