When a guy finishes in a girls mouth and she gargles it then spits it out into a cup to be consumed at a later date.
Friend: "What is this in this cup, Ron?"
Ron: "Oh, my girl was saving that for later after she kettle cooked it."
Friend: "You have problems man."
by Gibson Forben December 4, 2013
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when a guy dips his nuts into a hoes vagina; a vaginal tea bagging
"The bitches ass was to small for the two-wheeled dump truck, so I kettle cooked that mark ass ardvark"
by RIZYZYZYZ Y May 10, 2005
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Being so mad at someone when you see them you want to pick them up and throw them on top of a kettle top.
Man this bitch be trippin, I'm bout to kettle-cook ya bum when she walk in.
by Brookegivsrimjobs2kitty April 2, 2016
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Refers to all da weight-lifting exercise dat you'll hafta perform if you habitually chow down on chips and other fattening crap.
As a total chips-'n'-donuts junkie, Homer Simpson could conceivably be viewed as a prime "kettlebell vs. kettle-cooked" candidate, although I would seriously question whether his ponderous flabby bulk and squishy muscles could ever even begin to perform any strenuous exercise regimen!
by QuacksO April 28, 2022
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