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A Mythical Paladin healer In World OF Warcraft. It is rummered that once kerotr casts a `Holy Light`on you, that you will be instantly transformed into chuck norris, as nothin known to man kind will be able to kill you. Kertor is located on the relm LAUGHINGSKULL
Kertor: casts holy light on Goritak.
Goritak: transforms into chuck norris.
Goritak begins to eat little babbies and punches women in the face as nothing can stop him now.
Kertor: casts holy light on him self
Kertor: transforms into a second chuck norris

The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny has begun.

(You Tube the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny)

Today Kertor and Goritak are still locked in their Epic Duel.


Goritak is now known as the LICH KING and Kertor is now known as Prince Kael`Thas
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