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Have your doors been randomly opening lately? Has your cat been acting different recently? Well, most likely you have a Kerri Potter near by. A Kerri Potter is short winged fiend. It's 5'3, and its wings are only exposed at night. Also known as Satan, this devious creature is know to hate Jews. It owns a crematory in its basement. Have you ever heard the expression "The Devil wear Prada". Well, in this case the Devil wears Hollister. A Kerri Potter has many allies including the infamous Osama Bin Ladin, and Adolf Hitler. A Kerri Potter is known to steal alcohol from local parties and become absolutely "shit-faced". The creature has a knack for rapping and can always be seen with the "brothers" in the hood. The creature can become transparent, according to the myth of Kacey, and possess human beings. A Kerri Potter has superhuman characteristics such as being able to twist its body in weird position. Ex. bending fingers to an unreachable point. In order to protect yourself from a Kerri Potter you must simply keep a bottle of Holy Water on you at all times.
Wow, There is a Kerri Potter in my cat.
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