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A beautiful girl who respects other people. She makes alot of mistakes, but learns from them. People need to shut the f*** up about her and stop the rumors. She's an awesome person who's better than all you fakes.
" Kerigan is effing amazing "
" Ifkr? " xD
by Itellitlikeitis94 April 05, 2011
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she is beautiful and amazing, precious and gorgeous. Although sometimes she thinks about herself too much she is still the most amazing person you’ll ever meet she is so funny and makes you laugh constantly. Her beautiful dirty blonde hair falls perfectly. And her brown eyes will enhance you and make you fall under a spell.She is perfect!!!
“Kerigan is amazing
by pellipst February 18, 2018
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She is a gorgeous girl who Loves to dance. Normally tiny with bright blue eyes. She has a nice body and loves to make others jealous. She doesn’t know how to be serious and pushes people away but she loves to be the center of attention. A lot of people talk about her but she doesn’t care.
Kerigan is so pretty.
by Crappybooty237 April 02, 2018
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A girl who is most likely the definition of "trash". She is the type of girl that most guys use to get in her pants and the type of girl that people line up outside of the dugout waiting for her to give them a bj.
A girl who is found walking the streets flaunting her boobs in a short pink dress working the corners.
Girls: "Kerigan is such a slooooooooooooooooooooot"
Kerigan: "I'm proud for who I am."
by dicksucker4lifee December 30, 2010
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