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Pronounced like the common known beer, Corona. A sweet girl filled with adventure, sexiness, and enough love to cure this world of it's violence. Don't overstep you're boundaries though, this girl is known to kick some major ass especially for her friends. She is gorgeous in every way, and has a kickin' body. Her eyes are really bright and you can recognize them from a mile away. Her smile brings smiles to others. She has no flaws appearance wise. Her only flaw is that she tends to care to much, and get's caught in drama because she doesn't think things through properly. All in all, an amazing girl.
"Kereona brightens up the people around her, and the room she's in."
by jturn February 20, 2013
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Pronounced like the Beer. A teenage female known by Facebook and her music. She is a great friend, and influence to others. She is known to stick to what she believes, and thinks no matter the consequent. Alot of natural beauty inside and out. This girl is known to have a blast and have a great time with whoever she is. Has a socially awkward persona but is real to who she is. A killer smile, eyes that can light up a room and a body that every guy (and girl) wants to touch. Very pleasant to be around, and in general one of a kind.
" You know it's going to be fun if Kereona is involved"
by killerkraz February 21, 2013
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