A childrens game from the 1980's where 2 players would stand at either side of a road and attempt to throw a football at the kerb, thus causing it to bounce high into the air... this counts as 1 "Kerbsie" attemps at kerbsies alternate except when a kerbsie is scored, in this instance the scorer of the kerbsie gets to throw again.

First player to 10 kerbsies wins - play is suspended when:
a.)a car goes past (although it has been known for players to attempt and score a kerbsy over the top of a moving vehicle)
b.)teas ready

Opinion is divided over the best technique for scoring kerbsies. Many players opt for an over arm 'basketball' style technique while some opt for spreading their legs as wide as possible, getting as low to the ground as possible and using an under-arm technique. Flasher kids would attempt the backwards 'American Football Quarterback' style shot...
"I'm p*ssed bored, fancy a game of kerbsies??"
by tuckmoth June 23, 2004