A crude internet act where a woman, usually in a massive multiplayer online video game, posts an encrypted sexual message in a public chat. Usually about her boobs in exchange for in-game money.
General Chat Entrixa: 'i have two large orc stalks in your tangodanjo. Can I have 3 gold?'
General Chat Hundrel: 'dude i think that chick just kerberos'd you.
General Chat Jogfirth: 'anyone have 3gold?'
by IVLeaguescholar February 15, 2011
a 3-headed dog that in Greek mythology guards the entrance to Hades.
The term now is most commonly used to describe an encryption method used to communicate on a network.
Tom: Somehow my kerberos ticket got all f'ed up and was sending the wrong username causing all kinds of chaos.
Fred: I hate everything ever, nothing just works. I quit.
by Eric April 6, 2004