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A nasty skin disease, which looks/is more or less awful.
It's not harmful, but a cosmetic problem, which could turn into a mental problem.
People, who have it, are ashamed to have to, especially at summer.
Of course there are also people, who give a fuck about it.
You can get it nearly everywhere: upper arms, fore arms, but, legs and cheeks.
It's genetic, at least one parent must have it.
It's not to heal, but to alleviate.
The skin is and feels very dry and in most cases it's got red dots, in rare cases black dots.
They look like little pimples, but they're not.
You could press them out, which is very painful.
But it's not to recommended, 'cause it may ignite and it's only get worse.
What does the skin good:
During the shower, use a body scrub, best with a peeling-glove and rub gently.
After it, use a shower gel, which is ph-neutral an moisturizing.
On the still wet skin use a body lotion with 10% urea.
Keratosis Pilaris
by theycallmeredhead August 15, 2011
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