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Keola is hawaiian name meaning "The Life". Keola is very beautiful and gets all the girls. Keola is always athletic and very awesome. If you see a keola say, he must be good at everything.
Keola is the best!
by imfibious March 11, 2015
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Hawaiian name meaning stud. Males who are given this name at birth generally grow up to be gentlemanly and awesome in whatever tasks they encounter.
Keola will always open a door for a lady, and if she's lucky it will be the door to his bedroom.
by missysoftskin December 11, 2010
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Is a freeking gangster. he is also a pimpin mofo that humps your momma. just kidding. maybe. not really. so yea im just saying. && im going to probably make him read this cuz im gangster so yea but whatever k bye.
i love the fagg keola :

by squeakyy August 26, 2008
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an extremely hot female. a fucking legend. keola pulls all the fine men and ladies. whenever keola walks into the room, you know that she'll be the main attraction. anyone who would leave her would be a stupidiot. when you see her, you know u finna bust a muzz cuz she got that killer clit
fuckkk that keola got me a diamond cutter
by hitthesackrealhard April 09, 2018
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