A Kenyan Cowboy (KC for short) is a white expat, normally British, who lives in Kenya and and is a living throwback to Africa's colonial era. Despite believing themselves to be single-handedly taking on the African continent with all of its dangers, they are normally observed around the campfire drinking, brawling and telling tall stories of their heroic feats ("I looked the lion straight in the eyes and I swear to you man... the fucker retreated!") They tend to come equipped with safari khaki shorts and flip flops, even when travelling to more temperate countries as they have a staggeringly limited knowledge of what goes on outside of Kenya. Due to their limited vocabulary, the common lingo is a crude mixture between English and Swahili. They are also epitomised by remarkably short lifespans as a direct consequence of ill-conceived, stupefyingly reckless acts of bravado and derring-do.
"Oh, you know Mark?"

"Yeah, he's such a Kenyan Cowboy. The other day he almost died trying to jack into the national electrical grid. The week before that he almost fell off the roof of his 4x4 trying to landsurf."
by P3ppermint April 8, 2022
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A hot kenyan guy who works or owns a farm and rides horses. Is ripped beyond belief.Also known for attracting hot girls.
yo that kenyan cowboy has a hot G/F!!
by Alec Cherry July 1, 2005
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