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The act of freezing a bowel movement and sexually penetrating another with the frozen bowel movement.

A person has the option of following a Kentucky klondike bar with a Panamanian petting zoo.
I gave my secretary a Kentucky klondike bar last night for about five minutes. When it started to get soft, I gave her a Panamanian petting zoo.
by Dirty Snatchez August 09, 2006
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When multiple individuals eat a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken and become very horny. One of the individuals shits into the bucket. They then participate in a circle jerk and all cum into the bucket. Another individual covers the cum cream by shitting on top of it. Thus, completing the Kentucky Klondike Bar. The participants then eat the Klondike Bar.
So last night my bros and I, after playing fortnite, had a Kentucky Klondike Bar.
by dennyschocolatepancake September 03, 2019
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When one cums in a fat chicks asshole then eats the feces that she shits out
Man me and Debra had a kentucky klondike bar last night and now my stomach hurts
by vKillz June 07, 2016
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