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Kenssie shines as bright as the stars, and is has a heart as big as the moon. She is the girl that you always want to be, effortlessly gorgeous and free. Kenssie is the girl that holds you when you cry and tells you it's ok. She is extremely stubborn to the point where her heart has a war with her head every time it beats. Her eyes are alluring and captivating, and her smile is more beautiful that the stars. This is a girl that you want to know for years on end, you want to make a hundred memories with her over and over again. You have hundreds of inside jokes with her and you laugh daily. She can convince you to do some stupid things, but it's worth it in the end, creating memories. She will always have some sort of "je ne sais quoi" to her that will always be there, she's special and one of a kind. She comes with longs blonde or colored hair and listens to a lot of My Chemical Romance, and loves to make lots of jokes at the expense of other people, even though she doesn't mean to. Kenssie is most likely friends with a Jonathon and a Jacqueline, even if Jacqueline and Jonathon have other friends as well, they will never leave Kenssie behind. She is someone who will always have a place in your heart no matter how broken.
Kenssie skipped up to me and asked me a question I couldn't answer without lying,"Are you ok?"
by Jackylyin read April 06, 2018
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