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A fine ass black man with a rather large penis that acts as if he's "God's gift" and rightfully so considering his large johnson. This man tends to be very smart and is so deceiving and manipulative you'll always think he's the victim. He's also incredibly resourceful but a very difficult person because he loves to go against the grain with nearly everything he does.
Example 1
Becky: I need to be dicked down!
Sarah: Go get some Kenshawn!

Example 2:
Shawn: Why doesn't anything ever go my way?
Samantha: It's probably because of Kenshawn.
by SexyMexi420 December 20, 2016
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A very cute & very crazy & a very loud person Kenshawn is also very athletic and very sweet
You have a very Kenshawn person here
by Ken'Shawn April 16, 2017
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