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A large Jr. High where in 6th grade you are under the illusion that you are the shit. By the time you get to 8th grade you start to realize every single other Jr. High in Naperville hates you. It's home to stupid girls, guys that are assholes, and A LOT of asians. Which, is the only reason that they are the #9 Jr. High in the entire state of IL. Everybody knows that when you go to Kennedy, you are likely a snobby, rich, bitch. It is the people who live on 75th St. and Hobson, that give us this reputation. A large percentage of the school doesn't even know the school is actually in Lisle, not Naperville. Most of the girls are prude but dress like whores, and then there are just a few girls that dress like whores, and actually are. In this school the precentage of pretty girls vs. Semi-okay looking guys the number of pretty girls over guys is overwhelmingly large. Which means, that the only guys available to date are "players", AKA guys that are STILL under the illusion that they are the shit, but are really just there for girls that want a guy to date for a while. Being the biggest Jr. High in the Naperville 203 district, it naturally splits between Naperville Central and Naperville North. Where, once you entire highschool you will find that everybody hates you unless you are somebody of importance. Also you will find that in every class, there will be about 3 people that also went to Kennedy, usually nerds.
Jefferson Jr. high girl: oh, so where do did you go to Jr. High?
Kennedy Jr. High girl: oh...uh i just transferred here from..Lincoln Jr. High...
Jefferson Jr. High girl: oh, well at least your not from Kennedy.
by imfrommars7 December 26, 2009
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