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(Noun) ( slang) Japanese word meaning : Period of clear thoughts when a man is free from sexual desires after having an orgasm

Translates literally from Kenja 賢者 ( Sage ) and Taimu タイム ( Time )
The only time when a man can think properly is Kenjataimu

Oh ! man it's one of those Great Kenjataimu ideas
by _Tiger_ June 08, 2013
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(TL;DR below)

Kenjataimu refers to men’s post-orgasmic state in which they become extremely calmed down, lose motivation to do anything, or feel they have reached enlightenment. They may unconsciously shut out any sex related information. Some men feel guilty of the fact that they had carried out ‘its’ action.

The official terminology of kenjataimu is “refractory period.” Because this is highly common among men, there is a strong tendency to be a topic as something any men can relate to.

Kenja (賢者) is spelled: ken=wise, ja=person – a man, in this case. Taimu is time. Wise man time.

Disposing pornography and sex toys (which they use for themselves, such as fleshlight) to completely get rid of klesha is a common story, and the word “kenja time,” or wise man (= sage) time, came from this typical behaviour. However, the enlightenment quickly fades, and furthermore, in the end, they regret the fact that they had carried out its foolish idea - it is said to be kenjataimu, including this action. This is where the word kenjataimu came from.

Also, many men find hardboiled coolness in the action of leaving the place as soon as ‘it’ is over. Since relationship among men tend to be more rational than emotional, it may be correct for “kenjataimu ie. wise man time” to be considered as a typical form of men.

Whether the fact is understood by their partner is another problem, though.
TL;DR Kenjataimu means, "to be enlightened like a wise man, as the pre-ejaculation desire slowly vanishes = a state which someone has reached the stage to be free of avarice and emptied their mind like a rock." (Quote credit: @avshimiken)
by zetsulyn March 17, 2019
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