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To be a Kenedi is to be bold, classy and caring . To always be trustworthy and never lose that trust, Also to be beautiful inside and out, To not judge nor hate , and to always have self respect. A good friend .
That girl is so nice , must be a Kenedi
by ILoveYou4You April 11, 2011
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Kene'di is often a beautiful, sexy, funny, amazing women. They are strong and independent and can handle almost anything. You will love her at first sight. She can be quite at first but when you get to know her she's your best friend. She will cheer you up when your sad. Get you a Kene'di.
Boy 1: Whose that smoking girl over there?
Boy 2: That's Kene'di. She's not just sexy she's smart, beautiful, and so funny. So she's mine, bye!
by Dusty6928 May 12, 2018
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Kenedi. Name given to some MK-Ultra victims. MK = Mind control......control is spelt with a K in German.
EG: Child is given the initials MK at birth....Meridith Kenedi........."Kenedi " not being the families last name. The child is told some lie as to why they have a different last name to the rest of the family.
by skreamer April 22, 2016
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