A drug ridden small town located just south of Ottawa. Pregnant 14 year old's hangout at the local skatepark and smoke weed from that one sketchy dude. Kemptville literally has 11 pizza places all smushed together within 1 Kilometer from each other. The local catholic high school girls like to spend their time buying condoms at shoppers drug mart located right next to their school. Literally every teenage boy has a 2003 Ram truck--they look like shit. There are millionaires living on the outskirts of the town, then you have the majority of the population living in shithole weed farms. If you go to the public Highschool, the bathrooms are filled with bums wearing a XXXL t-shirt and pajama pants. Parts of the school reeks of weed. You can pretty much get drugs on any corner. The hotspot of downtown kemptville in the back of the library, were people smoke cigs as a 111 year old grandma exits the building. This place is a shithole were you can find condom wrappers littered on every corner.
I heard a kemptville school girl announced her pregnancy in the vape hotbox at St.Mikes Catholic HighSchool.
by That Kemptville Guy October 23, 2020
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A small town in Eastern Ontario, 30 minutes South of Ottawa. Drug use and pregnancy amongst teens is common, as there is nothing else to do in the shit hole. The local Tim Horton's is a hot spot, and is constantly surrounded by dirt bags in their hicked out trucks. Teenaged girls from the local Catholic high school parade around with their kilts hiked up.
Town council should have put a pool in the Kemptville Municipal Complex. There wouldn't be so many pregnant 16 year old girls.
by severalkitties May 25, 2009
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30 minutes outside of Ottawa. The smchs principal lives his spaghetti and is the next up out of Atlanta. The school washrooms are always booming with vapes and drugs, anything you need you can find in a washroom in a kemptville school. The local drug dealers are all short scrawny white boys who blast play boy cardi. All the parties consist of a singular bong, hockey guys, and whatever alcohol the parents left over. The scandals are endless and euphoria should be filmed here. Avoid the motel after dark or at all !
You are acting really Kemptville right now Debbie !
by The mobster June 1, 2022
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Hick white town outside of Ottawa. The teenage population consists of girls who wear bikinis everywhere and boys painting penises onto the local skatepark thinking it’s comedy gold. A lot of the kids vape or smoke weed without shame. Most are not going anywhere in life, because their parents never learnt how to parent their children (proven by their choice to settle down in this conservative red neck town). The adults basically encourage teenage pregnancy as they fail to control their children from attending alcoholic parties. The 9 year olds in Kemptville walk around yelling the N word because they heard it once on the internet (or from their shitty parents). Not only that, but usually those little brats bother anybody around them to look “cool” (just like the 16 year old potheads). Nobody likes diversity, and most people think the world revolves around them. People in this shit hole have no care for others. The teenage boys just want to get in somebodies pants, and the girls are all illegally dating somebody 10 years older. Kids aged 9 and up start playing with condoms so you will find ones scattered around town. There are 15 cannabis shops around where drug dealers find the weed to sell to their underaged victims, because their hicked ass couldn’t get hired anywhere. Small population of the town are intelligent and kind individuals with common sense. Most people are delusional.
If you want drugs, visit Kemptville.
by chloepriceee August 20, 2023
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