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Pronunciation : Keh-moine
Gender : Male
Origin: 17th Century Louisiana
Language(s) French, Lousiana Creole
Meaning "One would leads"
Other names
See also Keymoine, Keymoine, Clémoine (Classic French variation)

Kemoine is a Louisiana Creole male Koiné hybridization(French,Roman,Amerindian,African) of Lemoine meaning "One who leads," "worthy of leadership," or "Followed very much by everyone." Its diminutive form includes Keymoyne, Clé and Key.
First Known Use: 17th Century French Louisiana

Keh-moine (Kemoine); First man; Leader
Clé-moine(Clémoine); First Monk; Essential Man.
Kemoine is a male name of Louisiana Creole French origin meaning First or Essential man.
by Psychomony July 05, 2018
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