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Kema is She is very cute, short tempered and a very petty, Kema is also sweet, kind, soft hearted, crazy and outgoing. Kema tends to be hyper and annoying at times, sweet, kind and helpful at times, but then there is Kema's bad side...she is psycho, crazy, and a bitch. Trust me you don't want to get on Kema's bad side. Kema is a fun person to date. She has many different personalities but in a good way. Everyone wants to date a Kema. She will brighten your day, If you get a good Kema, in a relationship, she will give you her everything. Once she gets attached to you, she is attached to you, well probably for life. She will have a hard time getting over you.
by Cupcake wars June 04, 2017
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Acronym for "Kindly Eat My Ass," used in for the most part in a light or humorous manner.
Kema man, i guess you are with my ex now.
by LT March 28, 2003
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