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sexy baby! usually a wonderful friend and a fantabulous person!!!! kelsee is most of the time super duper beautiful! she is loud and will speak her mind to any hateful losers. thats why we love her so!!
man that outgoing chick over there must be named Kelsee!!!
by macoroni has butter? January 18, 2009
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Who the fuck do you think you are. You think you know kelsee. Kelsee is the baddest bitch out there. Kelsee will fuck your shit so hard, your balls will hit ya brains and you will go nuts. When kelsee bites down on a doritos cheesy gordita crunch 41 of the closest men will bust so hard there nut will come out of every hole. At this point their seratonin will drain from every pore on their body, causing overly happy zombies coughing up baby batter and happy sauce.
John: hey would you ugghhh oooohhh goddd gurgle gurgle gurgle...
Berta:We really gotta move away from Kelsee taco bell.
by Josephking May 06, 2018
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