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Keln: Keln is a word that was invented by Taylor Satterly which can be used in any situation. It can take the place of any word. It can be used as a Noun, Adjective or a Verb.
Get your Keln out of my face. Eat Keln and Die. I'm going to go Keln in the fonduzzi Where's Keln? Keln You! Go to Keln! I Keln You, KELN!, Don't be such a Kelnbag, Listen to me Keln, Shut your Keln up, I'm your hucKELNberry. HEY, BIG DUMMY KELN, I am making a pot of Keln...would you like some Keln? You have been Kelned from the Big Brother house, I will not be using the power of Keln, Get off my Keln, I am the Kelnmaster, Hey, who wants to play KelnFu? Have you Keled today? Whats up Keln? Got Keln? Who the Keln are you? That my Keln...was an epic fail Wow, your party hats are mighty Keln today. How can I Keln you?, Wait...let me get my Keln, Hey there muscly Keln, would you like a Kelncicle? You piggly son of a Keln. WOW, I've never seen a Keln that HUGE. Don't be a Keln face. Your such a piece of Keln. Don't cross the Kelns. There is no Dana...only KELN!!!! We'll work for Keln, Eat my Keln, She has a ladyboner....KELN, Have you ever seen a Keln? I don't give a Keln, I lost my Keln, KELNWOOD, Have another piece of Keln, I gotta take a Keln, You Son of a Keln, Kiss my Keln, Keln off Keln hole, give me back my Keln, Keln on me, Would you like some PopKeln? It's Kettle Keln, I love corn on the Keln, How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your KELN!!!! Let me tell you a little story about Keln, Who wants to have some Keln, I LOVE KELN, How about a little round of Disk Keln? Do a search for the Keln by looking it up on www.Google.Keln
by Kris Keln September 17, 2011
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