Also known as KK, Kelloggs Krunchy Nut is a wonderful and highly addictive cereal. It is a blend of cornflakes with nuts and honey added.

KK has highly awesumness qualities about it. Its main one is its principle of KKarma. KKarma is Kelloggs karma and the basic rule is that if you eat Kelloggs Krunchy, good things happen to you. If you dont eat Kelloggs Krunchy, bad things happen to you.

Many people also follow KKarma due to its pimping gifts that the eater receives after consuming it. Although these attributes will/could be horrificly reversed if KK is eaten in an unappropiate fashion or a meal is missed.
I eat Kelloggs Krunchy Nut 8 times a week
D ate his KK soggy, thats why he didnt get Nm
by Calman September 15, 2006