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Deffinetly the hardest sex position known to man. If one were to attempt the Kellisa during intercourse they would be known as a hero amongst their piers. A man (or women) who pull off this impossible feat could deffinetly knock Obama out of the presidents seat. This indivudual will be a role model for children amongst the likes of spiderman, batman, or superman. If this man was to live way back when HE WOULD BE A GREEK GOD (or godess of course.)
John - Ya man i totally pulled off a kellisa on that 1 chick the other night.

Bob - WOW A KELLISA NO WAY those are so hard to get into.

Bob - I tried a Kellisa on my gf and she laughed at me.

John - hahahah Kellisa's r only for the sex pros.

Bob - I thought I had it executed but the sex gods weren't with me that night.

John - Damnnn well tell your gf I sucessfully pulled off a Kelisa so if she needs it give me a shout!
by samuelthepanda1441 June 27, 2009
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